At Miranda Family Law, we realize that only a very small percentage of the population can afford to pay hundreds of dollars in attorney fees per hour. Typically, attorney fees range from $300 – over $500 per hour. As a family law associate, I was routinely billed out at $300 per hour. On more than one occasion I heard other attorneys state that they hoped they never needed an attorney because they couldn’t afford to hire one. The fact is, that attorney’s fees have become increasingly more bloated. Attorneys do everything to justify these excessive fees, but the truth is that many are denied access to experienced and competent counsel because they cannot afford the legal fees. To combat this problem, Ms. Miranda has structured her hourly fees on a sliding scale basis. Mrs. Miranda also offers limited scope representation, also called unbundled representation to assist clients. Fees for limited scope are set on a flat fee basis, while full scope representation are based upon the hourly rates below. Mrs. Miranda’s rates are well below average, even for the highest tier in the fee scale. The rates, based upon annual gross income of the client are as follows:

Hourly Rates Based Upon Annual Gross Income of Client
Client's Income Hourly Rate
Tier 1 $150,000 and above $260.00
Tier 2 $149,999 - $120,000 $240.00
Tier 3 $119,999 - $100,000 $230.00
Tier 4 $99,999 - $80,000 $220.00
Tier 5 $79,999 - $70,000 $200.00
Tier 6 $69,999 - $60,000 $180.00
Tier 7 $59,999 -$45,000 $160.00
Tier 8 $44,999 and below $140.00


“Julia Miranda restored my confidence and faith in attorneys. She is reliable and actually does what she says she will do. She was exceptional at researching legal issues and precedents, enabling her to present my case in an intelligent and thorough manner. This resulted in her writing an excellent brief and in presenting a logical and winning argument.”

Mrs. Adrienne Gillett