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Welcome to Miranda Family Law

COVID 19 UPDATE FOR NEW AND EXISTING CLIENTS Due to the health risks imposed by the Corona virus, until further notice, and to ensure the safety of our clients, our families, and the attorney, in lieu of face to face meetings between client and attorney, Ms. Miranda will hold video conference meetings via either What’s App or Zoom. Documents that the attorney may need in order to evaluate client’s matter, may be scanned to the attorney’s email, delivered to the office, or mailed to the office for the attorney’s review. Please, no original documents. Thank you for your support in this matter and we look forward to assisting with all of your family law needs.

Document Services and Litigation

We are Orange County attorneys offering affordable litigation and divorce preparation and document preparation, as well as unbundled services for low cost, affordable prices. After 14 years of litigating virtually every type of family law case in Southern California, and offering sliding scale rates, and limited scope representation, Attorney Julia Miranda decided in late 2017 to also offer assistance to self-represented parties navigating the often confusing family law system. Statistics show that self-represented litigants, or “pro pers” (in propria persona) make up the majority of family law cases because most people cannot afford $300-$400 an hour for an attorney. This creates an inherent unfairness in the system when there is a family law attorney on the other side or when the self represented party is confused about how to proceed. We can litigate your case for you on an hourly sliding scale based on your income. Please see our fee page. On the other hand, if you just need limited scope representation or only legal guidance on your case if you are self-represented we can help with that as well.

We Offer Attorney Services at Paralegal Flat Rate Prices

At Miranda Family Law, we tell you the forms you need for your case and we fill them out for you and file them if you don’t want to prepare them yourself. All of our fees are affordable, flat rate and fully disclosed in advance. Please see our fee schedule. If you want full scope litigation representation we offer those services on an affordable sliding scale. We can help you with a fully uncontested divorce, or any part of a contested divorce you are having trouble with. If you are self represented, we also offer consultation and legal advice on what to say and do in court to move your case to conclusion. Why not use a paralegal? For starters, you can’t get legal advice from a paralegal. Also, paralegals have never litigated a single family law case. Ms. Miranda has litigated hundreds of them. Paralegals don’t know what the judges expect to hear from you, or what the judges want to see on your paperwork. On the other hand, Ms. Miranda has litigated cases in front of the majority of the judges on the Orange County Family Law Bench, and many other judges in other counties in the Southland. Why go to a paralegal when you can, for close to the same cost, have an attorney with over 14 years of courtroom experience guide you through your case? Even the best paralegal doesn’t have the experience of a litigation attorney.

This is How We Can Help You With Your Case if you are Self Represented.
1. If you want to fill out your own forms.

At Miranda Family Law Docs, we take the guess work, time, and inconvenience out of it for you. If you want to fill out the forms yourself but don’t know which forms you need, we research the Judicial Council forms you need and email them to you for a low flat fee. For example, if you are just starting a divorce or paternity case and need the exact forms to begin your case, we will provide those to you via email for a flat fee. If you want to research the forms yourself you can go to There you will find all of the forms. If it is still confusing, we will take the time to download and email the specific forms to you. If you need to file a motion for child support, spousal support, custody, visitation, or a property issue, we will research those forms and provide them to you for the same low cost. We can also provide you with discovery and custom templates. Additionally, if you are having trouble understanding which forms to end your case with, we can provide you with the Judicial Council forms for that as well. Clients can easily pay via creit card/debit card or in cash for cases that require office visits. We take checks depending on the type of service needed.

2. If You Want Us to Fill Out the Forms For You:

If you want us to fill out the forms for you we can do that as well. Ms. Miranda or an associate attorney will sit down with you, review your case and prepare your forms. We can prepare and file ANY type of family law motion or document you need. All forms are reviewed by the attorney and then the client prior to filing. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied. We can also efile and serve the forms for you. However, court filing fees are the responsibility of the client and must be paid and cleared by the bank prior to filing.

3. If You Just Need Advice:

You might be in the middle of your case and you’ve been doing well but an issue comes up that you don’t understand. Maybe the opposing party hired a family law attorney and the attorney sent you discovery and you don’t know the legal rules to complete it accurately. Or perhaps you want to send discovery to the other side because you think he or she is hiding money and you’d like to check their bank accounts. Or in another situation, the judge said something that didn’t make sense to you, or told you to file a document and you don’t know what the document is or how to fill it out. There could be a hundred confusing issues that come up. In that case, call us. We charge a flat fee for legal advice for self-represented litigants that is a third of the cost of a regular family law attorney and probably less than most paralegals. Please check our fee page. In fact, most attorneys will not sit down AT ALL with self-represented litigants because it isn’t worth their time. They usually won’t offer flat rates, unbundled services or limited scope representation. They want to take the big money cases where they can make thousands of dollars a month. Not everyone has that kind of money to shell out.

4. If You Want Us to Do It All

If you are tired of representing yourself or don’t want to represent yourself and you need an attorney to go into court for you, we are here to help. We will represent you at all of your hearings and at trial, and sign in as your attorney of record. We will first meet with you to discuss your case and the issues in full to ensure you are completely satisfied with our grasp of the case. A retainer of $3000-$5000 is required before we begin work on your case and an hourly rate would apply based upon your income and our fee scale.

What Can I Expect When I Contact Your Office?

You may choose to contact us via telephone or email. If you wish to fill out forms yourself, but don’t know which forms you need, we will send you blank forms via email for our low flat rate. If you wish us to fill out the forms for you, we will email you an information request sheet, and ask you to provide us the information we need to fill out your forms in full. Thereafter, you may file the forms yourself with the court, or we can file on your behalf. We may also consult with you over the phone or in person at your request, in order to ensure we have all of the information necessary to fill out your paperwork completely. If you are seeking strictly legal advice and/or document review, we are available over the phone or in person. Please see our rate sheet for a detailed breakdown of services.

Trying To Do-It-Yourself Can Be Frustrating and Time-Consuming

Many self-represented litigants do not have any guidance on which forms they need in order to start, maintain, and complete their divorce, paternity, or domestic violence case. Further, there are hundreds of family law forms and it is difficult to know which forms to use unless you take a trip down to the courthouse, miss work, and wait in the often long line at the self help desk, only to often have your documents rejected for a small error when you go to file them This is a hassle and many people cannot afford to lose a full day of work.



“Julia, your honesty and expertise gave us a peace of mind that we were in good hands and could trust your judgment and guidance to do the right thing for us. You were our saint. We were so fortunate to have you provide such a civil ending to a difficult situation.”

Lisa H